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Relax & Roll

Foam rolling is a proven way to help release tension. This class will help you improve flexibility, prevent injuries and release stress.

Just For You

So you are not a lap swimmer, early morning, late evening, or structured person? Well this class is just for you!

Water Workout

Water provides great resistance while keeping cool in the summer heat. Come and join us for all the water fun.

Water Fit

A more intense interval water workout that uses a circuit format. Can be modified for a wide range of fitness levels.

Arthritis Stretch

In our Arthritis Aquatic Class we stretch bodies from head to toe in the water with the goal of alleviating pain.

Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a great way to strengthen, tone and build cardio with low impact movement.


Zumba is a fusion of music, muscle, dance and fitness combined to create total body toning.


Cycling classes provide and intense cardio workout while still catering to participants of all fitness levels.


The nation’s leading exercise program designed exclusively for seniors! Classes focus on muscular strength and range of movement.

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