Just For You

So you are not a lap swimmer, early morning, late evening, or structured person? Well this class is just for you!

Water Workout

A great workout. Water provides great resistance while keeping cool in the summer heat. Come and join us for all the water fun.


A more intense interval water workout that uses a circuit format. Can be modified for a wide range of fitness levels. Great for overall toning or cross training.


Get fit with a workout that varies in intensity levels to increase endurance as well as your power, strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Arthritis Aquatic Class

Gentle water exercises in the warm water under the guidance from an instructor will help you gain strength and improve flexibility.

Aqua Fit

A water exercise class for both swimmers and non-swimmers. Helps improve flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

Youth Swim Lessons

Our youth swim lessons teaches children, ages 6+, proper techniques and safety skills. The lessons also provide a foundation that will enable children to enjoy aquatic activities throughout their lives.

Preschool Swim Lessons

The primary objective of this program is the personal safety of the preschool youngster. The class helps to develop confidence, endurance, and beginning swim skills.

Home School Gym & Swim

Our Home School Gym & Swim program provides physical and education opportunities for those families who choose to educate their children at home.

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